Scanned Logs Available


Scanned Images of Selected West Virginia Wireline Logs Available Online

What is available?
Scanned images of selected West Virginia wireline logs are available online. The images are TIFF files, named by API number, and downloadable directly from the Survey's web server or through the Survey's well-based data system, "pipeline-plus" and "pipeline." To date, logs have been scanned for approximately 25,000 wells. The West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey (WVGES) gratefully acknowledges that its primary funding for this project came through the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy through the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) via contract number: DE-FC26-05NT42661. WVGES also appreciates assistance from various oil and gas companies.

How do I get the images?
You can download any of the logs that the Survey currently has scanned. Files are downloadable directly from the Survey's web server or through "pipeline"--either of which can be accessed using a Web browser. Files are available directly from the web server at http://downloads.wvgs.wvnet.edu/welllogs; these files are organized within county-based folders. Files are available through "pipeline" at http://www.wvgs.wvnet.edu/oginfo/pipeline/pipeline2.asp by selecting the "Logs" option; these files are organized by county code/permit number and can be accessed one well at a time. All images are TIFF, tag image file format, files (.tif) and named using the convention described below1. The images have been scanned at 200 dpi generally using a black and white or grayscale setting although a few files have been scanned in color. Files sizes range from about 15 KB to more than 50 MB with size dependent on log content and scan settings.

Can I look at the image before downloading it?
At this time, the Survey recommends that you save the log image file to your machine for viewing due to download speed.  A log image file (.tif) may be viewed using various software including, for example AlternaTIFF.  Please be aware that not all image software will open our log image files because of the image sizes.  AlternaTiff is available from http://www.alternatiff.com.

How do I get help?
Please call the Survey at 304-594-2331. If you encounter difficulty in downloading files, please ask to speak with John Saucer. If you have questions about the logs themselves, please contact Philip Dinterman.

If you are interested in obtaining log images on CD, which is a service offered for a fee, please get in touch with Philip Dinterman.

1Scanned Log File Naming Convention
File names are undergoing modification currently to meet the Survey's file-naming convention shown below. Although many of the file names have been standardized, not all have. File names are being updated on a daily basis.

The Survey's file-naming convention is as follows:

d density (includes bulk density, compensated density, density, density porosity, grain density, matrix density, etc.)
e photoelectric adsorption (PE or Pe, etc.)
g gamma ray
i induction (includes dual induction, medium induction, deep induction, etc.)
l laterolog
m dipmeter
n neutron (includes neutron porosity, sidewall neutron--SWN, etc.)
o other3
s sonic or velocity
t temperature (includes borehole temperature, BHT, differential temperature, etc.)
z spontaneous potential or potential
b cement bond
c caliper
o other3
p perforation depth control or perforate

3other logs may include, but are not limited to, such curves as audio, bit size, CCL--casing collar locator, continuous meter, directional survey, gas detector, guard, NCTL--Nuclear Cement Top Locator, radioactive tracer, tension

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