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"What's New" in the 4/26/2021 Version of the Oil and Gas Well Database Since the Previous Release (4/15/2020)

Since the previous release of the database, "current" well completions (i.e., new well completions, deepenings, workovers, etc.) were added to the database from weekly batches received from the State regulatory authority for oil and gas and from direct submissions to WVGES from operators through March 19, 2021. A total of more than 97,000 records were added or updated in all nine tables in this release of the database, as a result of ongoing work in the agency. The entire database now contains more than 3,676,000 records.

Among the major changes in this version of the database are:


More than 400 well location records were added or modified in this version of the database.


More than 1,250 records were added (or modified) for proposed (or actually drilled) bottomhole locations for deviated/horizontal wells. In the case where an "as drilled" bottomhole location was submitted, the "as proposed" bottomhole location remains in the database.


More than 1,400 records have been added or modified since the previous release of the database.


More than 20,800 data records were added or updated, for both recently completed wells and as updates to wells already in the database. Many of the new records were added from recently completed horizontal/deviated wells which have a large number of perforation zones.


More than 5,800 records were added or edited, including both current well completions and considerable updates/additions to wells already in the database.


More than 66,000 production records were added to or modified in the database this year. This includes monthly and annual well production data for wells reported for 2018, and monthly and annual oil and gas production and produced water for 2,728 horizontal H6A-class wells reported for 2020. The size of the monthly and annual gas volumes was increased to accommodate increased production volumes. There are more than 1,842,000 production records in the database, from 1979 to 2020.


More than 280 plugging records were added or updated since the previous release.


More than 760 records were added to or modified in this table. The scanned images themselves are not included in this database release; they are available for free download from the Geological Survey's website at Information about the e-logs in the WVGES Log Library is included in this database so that users can search and query for available e-logs meeting user needs.


6 records were added to the database or updated since the previous release of the database.

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