Slabbed Core Photos Listing by Well (API#)

This is a complete listing of wells for which we have photographs of slabbed cores.
To view photos, select the number per page desired for viewing and hit the "View" link for that well.

Images per page:

API #Interval# ImagesLink
4700501093Berea29 View
4700701140Venango29 View
4701302503Conasauga58 View
4701302503Rome12 View
4701500513Tuscarora50 View
4701701843Venango25 View
4703100008Oriskany12 View
4703300862Elk15 View
4703300862Bradford12 View
4703305106Marcellus22 View
4703501366Conasauga36 View
4703501366Rome8 View
4703502408Oriskany6 View
4703502464Oriskany10 View
4703901299Oriskany8 View
4703902751Tuscarora42 View
4703905118Oriskany4 View
4703905119Oriskany12 View
4703905221Oriskany8 View
4704101704Elk45 View
4704301469Conasauga26 View
4704301469Rome58 View
4704301507Berea20 View
4704301509Berea21 View
4704301510Berea19 View
4705100674Salina34 View
4705101732Utica/Point Pleasant62 View
4705900805Rome6 View
4707700119Tuscarora267 View
4708702052Big Injun53 View
4709101116Marcellus27 View
4709501125Gordon8 View
4709501126Gordon8 View
4709501939Gordon8 View
4709901572Conasauga15 View
4709901572Rome20 View
4710302217Gordon16 View
4710302219Gordon14 View
4710302239Gordon12 View
4710700351General Group 222 View
4710700351General Group 1281 View
4710700756Rome16 View
4710701266Oriskany/Helderberg8 View