The Digital Record Search application allows the user to search and view digital files which WVGES has available.  Most files available are of type .tif, .jpg, .las, .xls, .xlsx or .pdf.  Fields available for query are well API number, file type, county, file modified date and batch date.  The default value for each search field is set to null which will return all records.  However, you must enter/select at least one condition for the application to run (excluding file modified date), but not any one field condition is required.  Here are more details on the search fields.

Search Description/Requirements:  
  • API #:  This is a unique number for each well in West Virginia.  To search it requires a 10-digit number between 4700100001 and 4710999999.  The first two digits represent the state code, which is 47 for West Virginia.  Digits 3 through 5 represent the West Virginia county code.  Digits 6 through 10 represent the permit number for the well.  For example if you wanted to search for a well in Jackson County with a permit number of 511, you would enter 4703500511 in the API # field.  For a complete list of county codes go here.
  • File Type:  This pull-down search field represents all the classifications of digital records that the WVGES has available.  To search, choose your selection from the given list.
  • County:  This pull-down search field is for the West Virginia county in which the digital records fall into based on the well API #.  All West Virginia counties and codes are given in the pull-down list.   To search, choose your selection from the given list.
  • 7.5 Minute Quad:  This pull-down search field is for the 7.5 minute quad in which the digital records fall into based on the location of the API # on the document.  To search, choose your selection from the given list.
  • File ModDate:  This field allows for searching for date file was last modified.  The text box will allow only valid date entries.  Dates must be of the form MM/DD/YYYY.   This field cannot be used as a primary search parameter.  It must be used in conjuction with another search parameter.  Not all records have a file modified date.
  • Batch Date:   The term "Batch Date" is used for the day documents provided by the regulatory agency for oil and gas (WVDEP) are sent out.  These are sent out on a weekly basis.  Only digital records of file types:  Batch Cover sheets, Completion Reports, Well Plats, Plugging Affidavits, Well Permits, and Other Info can have a batch date.  So searching on this field will only return these file types.  To search by batch date three pull-downs are provided.  The only one that is actually searched is the last one labled "Search Batch Date".  The year and month pull-downs are provided to drill down to a specific year and month to find available batch dates in our system.  You must then pick one to perform the batch date search.  For example, if you wanted to see all batch dates in August of 2006.  You would select 2006 from the year pull-down and select August from the month pull-down.  The Select Batch Date pull-down would then be populated with all available batch dates from that year and month, which would be Aug 4, 2006; Aug 11; 2006; Aug 18, 2006; and Aug 25, 2006.  You would then select for example Aug 18, 2006 and hit search.  This will return all digital records in the system with an Aug 18, 2006 batch date.  If the Select Batch Date pull-down is not filled the search on batch date will be ignored regardless of whether the Year or Month pull-downs were selected.  Digital files with batch dates are being entered into our system on a continuous basis.  At this time batches from August of 2004 forward have been entered.  The form will give a minimum and maximum date to help you with your selection.  If you select a month and year combination out of the  minumum and maximum date range, the available select batch date pull-down will remain empty and be unavailable to search.
  • Results/Page:  The number of records to display on the screen.  If the total number of records returned for your search is greater than the selected results/page, then you can use the page number links to go through the multiple pages of results.  Please make your selection from the given list.
  • Order By:  This option enables you to order the results of your search based on your selection.  Note that when not specified records will be sorted in ascending order.  When "Desc" is specified the results will be in descending order on the given field.  Please make your selection from the given list.

Once you have entered all your selection criteria, you will press the search button.  The matching records are then returned.  The total number of matching records will be displayed as well as the page you are on and the total number of pages of your results.  You may have to page through the results.  To do so, select the page number you desire.  A view link will be available to view or download the file.  Please note that depending on the software on your computer, viewing of a file may open in the internet browser, a different application, or you may be prompted to save the file.  We advise you to save Scanned Logs (wireline logs) and not try to view them directly because of the size of the files.  File sizes are displayed in the grid under the heading size in kilobytes.  Files of size 5 megabytes and larger are displayed in red.  To save files, right-click the view link and select the save option.  It may also appear as "save target as".