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Publication Type: Volumes
Title: West Virginia Gazetteer of Physical and Cultural Place Names
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Year: 1986
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Pages: 809
Figures: 6
Maps: 3
 Description: Alphabetically lists place names in West Virginia, and for each name shows what the place name is (town, church, stream, etc.), county, tax district, USGS 7.5-minute quadrangle map, Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates, and elevation in feet and meters. Place names are from USGS 7.5-minute maps, 15-minute maps, the Survey's County Geologic Report maps, and other sources. Maps show locations of major place names, counties, tax districts, quadrangles, and relief. Includes MAP-WV21 (index to quadrangles), MAP-WV22 (UTM), and MAP-WV23 (shaded relief), all 1:500,000 scale. Types of place names listed: airports, archeological sites, bends, bottoms, bridges, caves, cemeteries, communities, country clubs, dams, fords, gaps, hollows, institutions, islands, knobs, lakes, monuments, mountains, natural features, overlooks, parks, places of worship, powerplants, railroads, recreation areas, ridges, roads, schools, springs, streams, towers, trails, triangulation stations, tunnels, valleys, waterfalls, and wetlands.
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