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Publication Id: V-6A  
Publication Type: Volumes
Title: Springs of West Virginia
Author: J. S. McColloch
Other Author(s):
Year: 1986
Map Scale: 1:250,000
Map Size:
Pages: 493
Figures: 11
Maps: 49
Tables: 5
 Description: Fiftieth anniversary revision of V-6, published cooperatively with the American Fisheries Society and The Conservation Fund, Inc. Compilation of all available data on the 1,193 documented springs in 49 of West Virginia's 55 counties. Includes 1:250,000-scale county location maps; spring listings by county; brief history; discussion of geologic/geographic occurrence of springs; tables of chemical/physical data; glossary; index.
Notes: 62 photos
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$25.00 Y Book Paper Original Color
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