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Since its inception in 1897, geologists of the West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey have produced maps and publications about the coal beds of the state. Beginning in the 1970's, Survey geologists have been compiling maps of underground mined areas by coal bed. To that end, the Survey has worked closely with the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training and the U.S. Department of Interior Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Mine Map Repository to collect and archive maps of underground mines in West Virginia. The OSM Mine Map Repository photographs the maps and stores each 35mm image mounted in a computer card, called an aperture card. To date, about 47,000 such images exist for West Virginia. Both the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health Safety and Training and the Survey maintain copies of these aperture cards and make them available to the public.
Scanned images (in TIF format) of West Virginia mine maps are available online at wvminemaps.htm.
WVGES geologists have re-mapped the coal resources of the state using Geographic Information System (GIS) as part of the Coal Bed Mapping Project. While maps of West Virginia mines in the OSM Mine Map Repository are fairly complete for mining since 1970, maps for many earlier mines are missing. In light of events in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and Martin County, Kentucky, it is imperative that we thoroughly document the locations of old mine workings in West Virginia.
If you or someone you know has old mine maps, especially those with final dates before 1970, please help us add them to our archives by using the contact information below:
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
1 Mont Chateau Road
Morgantown, WV 26508-8079
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West Virginia Miners' Health Safety and Training
Oak Hill Regional Office
550 Industrial Dr.
Oak Hill, WV 25901-0714
Telephone: (304) 469-8100
Fax: (304) 469-4059
E-Mail: Monte R. Hieb,
National Mine Map Repository
3 Parkway Center
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Telephone: (412) 937-3001
Fax: (412) 937-2888
E-Mail: Paul Coyle,
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