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Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia
Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia

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The WV Water Development Authority and the Infrastructure and Jobs Development Council website is a source of GIS information for both the general public and active project participants.

Technology and Interoperability Subcommittee

Subcommittee Mission (Draft): Development of protocol and standards for geospatial data and technological infrastructure to achieve efficient and rapid data exchange capabilities, enhanced accessibility of geospatial resources, and proficient geospatial information quality and security.

The Technology and Interoperability Subcommittee of the GIS Steering Committee is a joint effort between the state and the WV GIS community (WVAGP Technical Issues Committee) to establish and promote efficient geospatial standards and protocols for data and technology. Data standards, such as accuracy requirements and data formats, are critical for the efficient and timely transfer of data across agencies, professional sectors, and jurisdictions. GIS technology is constantly improving and expanding, and technological standards and protocol must be collaboratively coordinated to both meet internal and cross-sector data sharing needs, achieve efficient and practical investment strategies, and adapt to and take advantage of future technological advancements.

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